Chilled in the Sun - Chilled in the Sun

2006-03-29 19:16

his compilation of absolutely beautiful pop chillout songs about love, loneliness and loss with a silky smooth consistency succeeds where so many others have failed.

The producers achieve a balance of variety and coherence with artists like Gomez (Tijuana Lady) and Turin Brakes (The optimist) following each other without the often useful saving mechanism of the traditional pause between songs.

The electronic influence becomes more pronounced towards the end of the compilation, coming gracefully full circle with the attractively dated Euro beat of Orland Oye's "Ghost Trains" to meet the opening song - Massive Attack's coldly euphoric flagship track, "Mezzanine".

Perhaps this makes such a convincing CD because, despite some big genre differences between artists, whoever put this together for EMI looked for a common emotional thread in the music rather than - as amateurish compilers do - some obvious matching of beats, genres or styles.

- Jean Barker

Subtitled "Sublime summer chillout", this title may immediately set off alarm bells. But one gorgeously melancholic track after another will seduce you. Sure, a more appropriate slug line was probably something like "Marvelously morbid midwinter mourning music", but that marketing mistake aside... very morish music.

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