Chilli M - Essential Cuts on the Rush

2007-11-29 08:41
No one in their right mind is going to get a copy of this derivative house lucky packet. Essential Cuts On the Rush consists of 12 tracks of dance floor torture with the exception of “Sunday Rushhless” which is one of those songs you will listen to sipping on cocktails at sundown. Once again Chilli M steals Mandoza’s raspy voice and makes it his own in “Sa’fa”. The only difference is that he doesn’t have Mandoza’s charm. He also subjects us to songs that we’ve heard before in “Banging Life” and “Vooming Lane”.

Chilli M did try extra hard to make this album a success by bringing L’vovo Derango’s unique kwaito raps on-board in “Bekumnandi”. But as we all know even great talent can’t make a terrible concept work. What’s even more annoying is “Quintessential Being”. The vocalist sounds like she’s singing through her nose or trying too hard to sound like the late Lebo Mathosa. If you were willing to give the album a chance, you will definitely switch off your iPod at this point.

-Tiisetso Tlelima

You’d think after his unsuccessful ‘remake’ of that “Uded’usebenzile” song which belongs to DJ Cndo, Chilli M would realize that music is not for him and stick to being Yfm’s afternoon drive anchor. But no, he has to come back and humiliate himself all over again.

ntombi 2008/04/22 1:28 PM
wow 2 nice you are pushing ambeyonce too much
Shiela 2008/06/10 12:38 PM
Daddy what stupid,childish and pathetic
black Beauty 2008/10/10 1:35 PM
dont go back Black Beauty Iluv yr show shocked dat u r not az hot as u sound but keep up the good work. Oh & plz remain nice dont go back 2 yr bad wayz but keep da touth ne! ur girl Beebee 4rm Greenside High .
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