Chillout Sessions 2008 - Ministry of Sound

2008-05-26 16:41
Minsitry of Sound’s latest chillout soundtrack is a deceptively chilled collection of heartfelt grooves, folk beats, sweet-sung melodies and classic covers. Don’t expect the usual compilation of laid-back dance beats, cool dolphin sounds and purring orgasm sighs, which Ministry is known for, this is a Chillout Session with a sober flavour.

This latest icepack of beats to numb hangover headaches is different. There are fewer dance tunes and more singer songwriter vibes filling up the track listing. It’s more folk than electro. There’s more singing than rapping. More piano than synthesizer. In fact, this is not a dance compilation but easy-listening music at its best.

Dreamy tracks by indie-hipsters Imogen Heap, Jose Gonzalez, Sufjan Stevens, a new and de-vamped Goldfrapp and a Jeff Buckley gem all contribute to make this a chillout collection of a different kind. Even Bloc Party, Moby, Groove Armada and Basement Jaxx get toned down and folked up to bring something fresh to the chill scene. There are a few remakes of old classics. The Pixies’ “Monkey’s Gone to Heaven” is reworked by Steven Lindsay to what sounds like an Elton John piano ballad. Leonard Cohen’s “Halleluja” is beautifully sung by Jeff Buckley. A stripped down version of Alanis Morrisette’s well-known “Uninvited” sung by Bailey Tzuke has a place here too. And so does, Duke’s acoustic version of “So in Love With You”.

But even though most of the tracks are more folk than island melodies there are a few classic slow electro numbers, like Thievery Corporation’s “Indra”, Orbit’s “Water From a Vine Leaf”, Jakatta’s “American Dream” and that ultimate desert island disc, Massive Attack’s “Protection”. Despite these well-remembered summer sunsets classics, this collection of chill music works best when you put down the cocktails, draw the curtains, light some candles and pour yourself a glass of bourbon.

- Annél Malan

Put down the summer island sunset cocktails. Draw the curtains, pour yourself a bourbon and enjoy your sunrise hangover.

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