China Pop 2007 - Look Directly Into the Sun

2008-01-08 12:52
A keen disregard for form makes this bouncy collection of newly-discovered scratchy bands fascinating and fun listening. It’s a bit like hearing talent scouted in the 1950s and early 60s forced to perform punk.

Take the Little Eva-esque "We just free" by Rococo, which combines all the cheerfulness of pop with the grungy garage excitement of a money-mad, technologically advanced, polluted urban world. At the other end of the spectrum, Carsick Cars' "Panda" is tuneless new wave with a bit of self-publicity thrown in.
Ah, the worst of rock and hip hop combined. Anyone for a Nikeee tee? Then there’s hunger and curiosity and fascist voodoo metal overtones on Chi An’s "Voodoo KungFu" and a few pleasant indie-flavoured tracks to soothe your ears.
Lyrics? Well you'll find a few battered gems knocking around. Who needs more than this from the opener from Snapline: "I’ll always want you to / I'll always want you to / close your cold eyes"?

This CD confirms what many rock fans have always suspected – that a lot of complex stuff came together to make their favourite music what it is. The young bands on China Pop have torn it apart like a hungry guy eats a chicken – roughly, flinging pieces everywhere.

- Jean Barker

What happens when ex-PiL drummer Martin Atkins launches a punk rock talent search in the heaving city of Beijing, China? Well, this.

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