Chris Chameleon - 7de Hemel

2006-09-21 16:56
Such was the achievement of that band that despite a certain amount of skepticism over anything that might have come after, it’s hard to declare 7de Hemel anything but excellent, without feeling a little bit disappointed that you couldn't finally say "Chameleon's lost it!".

7de Hemel is part of a trilogy of hugely acclaimed releases by Chameleon; the others being an English language album called Shine, and the Ingrid Jonker-inspired Ek Herhaal Jou.

Loosely connected to TV show 7de Laan (in which Chameleon stars), the songs are inspired by the character he plays, but really don’t stray too far from Chameleon’s unique voice and energy. The basis of the sound of the album is acoustic guitars and percussion, with the odd bit of layered texturing from keys and additional instruments. download favourite “Sterredank” weighs in with quirky percussive vocal effects; while “Houvas” and “Wagtyd” take a form that Cat Stevens fans might feel at home with. There’s a sense of folky fun on “Kwaad” and “Reis”. And as for the rest? There’s not a poor vocal performance to be found.

Overall, Chameleon delivers a rich, warm, textured collection of acoustically driven songs, well worth finding, securing and holding onto for those rainy Sunday afternoons on the couch.

- Anton Marshall
We really shouldn’t be surprised by the production values on any of Chameleon’s work anymore. His output with Boo! colleagues Ampie Omo and Princess Leonie had already established him as a leading light in SA’s adult pop and rock market.

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