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Chris Chameleon - Klassieke Chameleon

2009-04-01 10:40
Chris is a happy man on stage. Few, if any others on these shores allow themselves such confidence in their voice. It soars, it stoops, it stutters and beeps with no (unintended) hiccups or faults, just smooth sailing. At times you wish his band would just take five and let him croon solo for a while, letting you absorb the different tones at leisure.
Make no mistake, the classical backing band is a big part of Klassieke Chameleon, and hearing him jamming it out with them on “Die Onverkrygbare” and “OOAA” is an honest to God treat. They’re not always good for each other, though. Chris’ cabaret leanings, evident in his recent compositions, and Kellerman’s sugary flute sometimes turn the performance into cheddar. They barely get away with the Italian “O Sole Mio”, which is already on the Las Vegas honeymoon side of cheesy.

Live albums are a tricky business. All too often, they fall flat in the face of poor sound, awkward song choices and lacking immediacy. Klassieke Chameleon, while sometimes failing to keep the broad spectrum of Chameleon fans enthralled all at once, proves itself as an intimate, great sounding live experience. The aftertaste may not be especially “classic”, but it is easily worth the price of admission.

- Niel Bekker

Klassieke Chameleon blends campy Italian tenor tunes with Chris Chameleon’s schizophrenic Boo! material and the Ingrid Jonker classics that made him famous into a vibrant live recording.

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Trixi 2008/05/22 10:12 AM
Worth every cent This dvd is worth every cent I paid for and and more than double that to be honest. This man makes me weak at the knees, just thinking of his talent and creative spirit. Chris you will rock forever!
Jurie 2008/05/22 11:27 AM
Trixi... It's not a DVD, hey
Faye Cloete 2008/05/22 1:06 PM
Klassieke Chameleon I think this is his best, what a voice especially for Onse Vader. Well Done definitely worth it.
Ryan 2008/05/22 4:21 PM
For Your Info, Jurie This Chris Chameleon release is available in both CD & DVD format....
Gail 2008/06/26 10:21 PM
BEST DVD YET !!! A brilliant DVD from an exceptionally talented artist - his best so far - Niel Bekker you're over analytical ! This man is brilliant no matter what he does or what he calls his shows - love you Chris !!
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