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Chris Chameleon - Volkleur (DVD)

2009-04-24 12:39
Chris Chameleon's DVD, Volkleur

Main feature: Live show at Die Boer

This is a passionate, delicately crafted performance of material that's mainly from Ek Herhaal Jou - an album so emotionally uncompromising it has all the more power for its strange simplicity. Even when performing songs where Ingrid Jonker's lyrics could have been taken lightly by some, Chameleon finds the massive pathos in the comedy, molding the seemingly upbeat tune and comedic lyrics to expose the fury behind them in a way that nobody's really done in Afrikaans since David Kramer with Die Verhaal Van Blokkies Joubert and a few isolated tracks on Bakgat.

The live performance has been filmed and edited without flashy effects or audience closeups - the most you'll hear from the crowd is the reverent response of their applause. Chameleon's performance is quite different from his antics onstage with monki-punk band Boo! But in one way it's similar because it's so appropriate to the material.

For more about the material, check out our podcast with Chris Chameleon (you can just download it if you don't want to subscribe to the whole series) and our review of the Ek Herhaal Jou CD (there are clips from the songs).

"OO AA" opens the second half of the live show, and it's a little jarring - more likely to attract you back to the TV to check if your DVD player is skipping than for any other reason. Chameleon can be fairly theatrical. The part tender, part shouty delivery of "Wishboan" is near on the mark. The English songs are definitely more on the camp, performance art side (you know, funny voices and that sort of stuff), though interspersed with moments of touching earnestness.

The earnestness may not have been enough for a few members of the audience, who were clearly expecting mainly Ingrid Jonker set to music (or had lost all feeling in their legs) because a number of ooms and tannies in the audience remain seated for the standing ovation.

Bonus Materials

The Making Of shows
Chris taking the camera round to meet the people lighting, doing sound and filming and otherwise stage managing the live show at Die Boer, Dowwe Dolla and husband's venue. They've also included sound check and pre-show work, to give you some idea of just how simultaneously tedious and terrifying the glam world of rock can be. Plus there's a brief appearance from Twakkie, who introduces the show. Using comedians is a long held tradition for Chameleon (Alyn Adams always announced Boo! back in the day).

Music Videos
Great music videos for "As Jy Slaap" and "Die Onverkrygbare" featuring a bare chested Chris Chameleon and interrupted by informative voiceovers in both cases. Both are by Just Push Play and are directed by Albert Venter.

Fans love this DVD, and the music videos are likely to earn Chameleon some new admirers, if they get the TV airtime they deserve.


A tasteful and well-produced mix of live footage and interesting extras on this new DVD from talented Afrikaans singer songwriter Chris Chameleon.

Ina 2006/01/21 7:55 AM
Chris Chameleon Sy naam doen hom gestand! Voorwaar 'n veelvoudige talent wat Chameleon het! Lekker om daarna te luister! Dit het variasies sonder om moeg te raak daarvoor!
Adamhere 2006/01/22 5:45 PM
Great DVD This ios a really good DVD with a great performance by Chris, I fully recommend it. The Black Dahlia Murder - Unhallowed
sp potgieter 2006/05/14 8:09 AM
mnr. Ek hou van die man se sang. Stem nie saam met hoe hy aldag lyk nie, maar hy mag sing want hy kan.
Ronel 2006/06/04 10:24 PM
Pragtig Ek is mal oor sy musiek,wat kan ek anders se as hy mag maar!
NOMSA 2006/08/02 6:13 PM
Renee Coetzee 2006/08/07 8:56 AM
Volkleur DVD Elke oomblik geniet. Chris is briljant en artistic. Defnitief besig om die leemte wat Kerkorrel gelaat het te vul.
Alyn Adams 2007/08/27 5:09 PM
Er, point of order… I haven't seen Chris perform live in a while, but I have no doubt he'd blow my socks off, as usual – vvv talented man. But just to correct a factual inaccuracy: on all the BOO! albums I lent my talents to, I never felt as if Chris was "using" me – I saw it more as being invited to collaborate and add another dimension to the music… ;)
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