Christina Aguilera - Back to Basics: Live and Down Under (DVD)

2009-01-27 08:20
Back to Basics DVD
You’ve got to give it to the girl. She’s sidestepped the trademark celeb tragedy, she’s reinvented herself and she married for love (because she sure didn’t marry Jordan Bratman for his looks). She’s a happy woman and it’s evident throughout this DVD. Even the token childhood dramedy bits are served with a cherry on top.

Back to Basics is a 30s/40s inspired album and Christina (as creative director for the show) channels that into every aspect of the live production, from the wardrobe to the band. “Come On Over” - a big hit from her lace-up leather pants days - is recreated with sultry, hovering trumpets and a jive dance routine. Clever, interchangeable outfits and perfectly timed intervals give the show a kind of Brylcreem slick.
“Slow Down Baby”, “Still Dirrty” and “I Got Trouble” reveal the bitch beneath the blonde. Yes, this married mama is still a freak underneath it all. “Candyman” is performed with panty-dropping perfection, incorporating the backup dancers into the act for a playfully erotic ensemble performance. Elsewhere “Makes Me Wanna Pray” is a colossal gospel hit. Her vocals trill over the notes with conviction, making it almost easy to mistake her for a large ‘n lovely Aretha. Through the smoke and mirrors, feathered outfits and spectacular sequences, her voice bursts out like a genie finally freed.

Unfortunately her power woman image is tainted toward the end. A video interlude of squeaky teenagers screaming “I love you Xtina!” and “You helped me reconsider suicide” drop you back down to China Town. Fast forward. Bring back the sing-a-long hits so we can practice our moves.

This candy girl doesn’t beat around her bush. She says it like it is. She romps around in revealing variations of a bejewelled leotard and in “Still Dirrty” she and the dancers indulge in some crotch grabbing. Sex oozes from her pouty lips. She clearly wants her audience to get some action tonight. And if you don’t have a willing partner, you could always just take the DVD home for some hand-held help.

- Sam Brighton

If you like Christina, you probably love her. And you’ve bought this DVD already. But if you’re considering the purchase, consider this. What’s there not to like about her (besides that blow-up doll look she’s going for with her makeup)? Her voice is big and dexterous, she’s the new Roxie Hart and she moves like Britney used to. She’s the bold, blonde bombshell we all secretly want to be.

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MDinga 2008/04/17 9:10 AM
Love this dvd I purchased this dvd disc last week friday the 11th of April, and It was a gift for a friend so I watched the dvd with her and damn its soo live and she is not singing while the cd plays, her voice is powerful and natural and she is gifted with her voice and she is a hard worker.
Karlien 2008/04/21 8:51 AM
Better than Britney? Hell Yes!!! I mean please, who is Britney???
Johan 2008/04/21 8:58 AM
Sies man! "if you don’t have a willing partner, you could always just take the DVD home for some hand-held help" - was this review written by a porn reviewer?
Roger 2008/05/03 6:28 PM
Chirsie Brilliant review keep it up
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