Christina Aguilera – Keeps Gettin' Better

2009-01-27 09:22
Christina Aguilera
It's hard to pinpoint what exactly has ensured her longevity, because she's constantly evolving. We've seen the pouting teenager, stripped tease, introspective innovator, coy candygirl, proud mama and now pop-art princess. Maybe it's exactly that evolution, in a so-not-Madonna kind of way that makes her so evergreen. It's the X-tina factor. Also unlike Madonna, Christina can sing. Sure that sounds like a rather arbitrary statement, but just why isn't singing ability really a criterion in pop music anymore?

This four time Grammy winner and Britney-beater has always been unapologetic about her multi-faceted persona. In 2002 she escaped her bottle and stripped herself down to a dirty, gritty truth. Everyone went 'wow!'. When Britney did the same thing six years later, the world just went "eew!". While Ms Spears relies on the public sympathy vote for album sales and attention, Christina knows she will be remembered for her ballads and balls, not bulges and balls-ups.

Christina isn't only good at showing up that other pop tart. She's a businesswoman (probably got some tips from the hubby) and makes the most of what her mama gave her. And she's going green by recycling. "Genie 2.0" and "You Are What You Are (Beautiful)" are fun remixes of the original tracks. This album gives you all your favourite favourites and some surprises like "Keeps Gettin’ Better" which is a complete shift from her Back to Basics sound. This mama's having fun with her music, playing with modern, synth sounds and a slightly kooky, yet edgy new look.

The bonus DVD of her best videos provides a very clear picture of how she has developed (and we're not just talking about cup size here) and why she can sell a greatest hits album. Growing from cute dance ditties ("Come On Over") and shedding her skin ("Dirrty") to pouring her heart out ("Hurt") and praising her husband ("Ain’t No Other Man"), Christina has learnt to put the same faith in her fans as they do in her.

If you've always batted for Team Xtina, then this is everything you love about her wrapped up in a nice little bow.

From 2000's "Genie In A Bottle" to her latest chart-climber "Keeps Gettin' Better", here’s a musical chronicle of the fearless Miss X’s professional and personal journey.

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