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Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Some Loud Thunder

2007-03-26 12:49
Indie poster-children CYHSY are no doubt in awe of themselves after the unprecedented success of their debut effort, a worthy album that unfortunately became a new fashion statement for the record business.

Such was the victory of CYHSY turning their noses up at the majors and finding international recognition on the back of their own hard work and great music, that it was bound to be emulated. Or at least others would try to emulate it.

But you have to wonder whether Some Loud Thunder falls into that category.

Wonderful songs notwithstanding, it’s almost a little too quirky to be real at times. Especially the title track, which masks its poppiness in a bombastic, overblown distorted effect – just for effect, it seems. It’s unnecessary, and feels like an add-on. Same goes for the lispy “Arm and Hammer”.

It does get better, though. “Emily Jean Stock” and “Goodbye to Mother and the Cove” are musical treats worth the cover price. And the rest remain delicious, fecund walls of layered bits and bobs. Even if they weren’t interesting songs themselves, they’d be interesting to listen to for their musicality and left-wing production ideas.

The odd melodrama doesn’t hurt it too much, but Alec Ounsworth would do well on the next album to start talking to people instead of talking at them. Being different is a still a victory, yes, but being different for the sake of it buys into a fashion statement. For now, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah is still getting the benefit of the doubt.

- Anton Marshall
When interesting, poetic music is as good as this, you can forgive a little bit of pretension. Can’t you?

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