Cliff Richard - Two’s Company – The Duets

2007-07-02 17:53
It seems almost pointless to actually give an objective opinion on a new Cliff Richard album. Suffice to say that fans will lap this up. Everyone else will probably fall asleep. Two’s Company is an entirely unnecessary exercise, repackaging old songs in an extremely familiar package: the bland adult contemporary duets sessions of the 70s and 80s. Still, at least he bothers to actually dig up some of the original singers who made these songs famous in their youth.

Despite the overwhelming predictability of it all, Two’s Company is sometimes adventurous in its own laid back way, throwing in a few curve balls that may startle granny a little. Album opener "Move It" (with Brian Bennett and Brian May) has some rather rambunctious guitar courtesy of Queen's axeman. "She Means Nothing to Me" (with Phil 'Righteous Brother' Everly) goes for an authentic 60s pop sound. Both make for a welcome dose of Viagra between the slower senior citizen snoozes.

While the Peter Pan of Pop hasn’t really strayed out of his comfort zone here, there are a couple of other 'cool Cliff' moments worth mentioning. "Throw Down a Line” accompanied by Hank Marvin, and the “Reunited” featuring 60s go-go girl Lulu are both unapologetic retro romps, yet somehow take a step or two out of the 'saccharine old people’s music' category that most of the duets succumb to.

Ultimately Two’s Up will appeal to hardcore Cliff fans with it’s tried and tested choice of songs, and glossy production. It's a great gift for a parent or grandparent who buys less than 2 CDs a year, but loves to hear note perfect rehashes of their nostalgic favourites on the wireless. To casual listeners a Cliff Richard album is like a box of chocolates – sweet, inoffensive, and extremely familiar. Just be warned that you may feel sick by the time you're finished.

- Ivan Sadler
Cliff Richard adds another easy listening nugget to his already massive treasure chest of nostalgia. This time round he teams up with a host of stars your granny will remember fondly, as well as a few new ones you mom might spend time with on Valentine's Day. Covering well known and much loved songs, Cliff trots out a roll call of all-time classics from the past four decades, collaborating with Sarah Brightman, Barry Gibb, Helmut Lotti, and his old Shadows 6-string sparring partner Hank Marvin.

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