Common - Finding Forever

2007-10-18 17:13
Common has sense. With Finding Forever he decided to stick to his roots and rebel against new club-orientated hip hop with its simplistic beats and crunk clichés. His hip-hop has soul, depth and skill and his rhymes flow with meaning, something quite un-common in hip hop today.

To prove that ‘real’ hip hop isn’t dead and can still rock the party, he produced two popular anthems, old-skool style, “The People” and “The Game”. The latter, the only bona fide dance hit on the album, features mad turntabalist skillz by DJ Premier. Other hits hoping to chart include “Southside” with the ubiquitous Kanye West helping out on vocals and “Drivin’ Me Wild” featuring Brat-pop cock tease Lily Allen. The rest of the album breaks out slower beats on most tracks. Yep, a little more serious but also musically more rich. Two stand out: “Misunderstood” samples Nina Simone and “Forever Begins” finds it flow in Paul Simon’s “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover”. Both tracks prove Common is way more than just another rhymin’ playa.

In short, Ready D will love this album but your local 50 Cent-loving club DJ won’t.

- Annél Malan

Adult contemporary rap, social responsibility rap… call it what you want but Common is one of the few genuinely innovative hip hop emcees left in the charts.

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Mindlo 2007/10/18 6:27 PM
Brother Com Its amazing that he can make such sublime and involving music and still have a following that grows with every album. From Borrow me a dollar to Finding Forever he is dynamic and soulful.
g 2007/10/22 12:27 PM
just too ill!!!!!! just too ill what can i say about com he is what hip hop needs to survive,hip hop needs an common album once a year,love the track with dwele and the jdilla track just too nice!!!!!!!!!!
nomfundo 2007/10/31 8:02 AM
Great review! I agree with review. I LOVE misunderstood!! common is one of the few MC who have sense.
gu2 2007/11/13 11:21 AM
Forever begins Common is just beautiful man! "Forver Begins" is beyond beyond! Common is the rare voice of reason in hip-hop.
RB 2007/12/23 9:58 PM
Amazing! Common... The man, the inspiration. Man, this album is definitely my favourite of 2007. I love So Far to Go, love it! Props to Common! Can't get enough
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