2008-08-29 05:52
You've even got Fettuccine Alfredo because the pasta allows your eyes to meet with that shared embarrassment as you slurp up long strands. Many of us stop there, and it's quite understandable. You wouldn't want to turn the perfect dinner into a matric dance look-alike with all the kitsch decorations. But that's because you haven’t discovered Cortes' debut album.

You may not be able to sing along as most of his songs are in Italian but it'll be worth it. Cortes adds that extra something without the fuss of having to set another place at the table. And those of you who are fans of classical music may recognize his rendition of "Nessun Dorma".
Cortes has been compared to Josh Groban. But there is something about this young Icelandic debonair that will make you sit back and listen. And those of us not planning a romantic dinner shouldn't feel left out. Cortes' melodies set the mood even if there are no candles or Italian food.

His is a soft and gentle melody, tender enough to remind you of the flutters of a first kiss. But don’t be mistaken, these aren't lullabies for a girls' night in. Think notes like those the Three Tenors reach but somehow more placid. Think Italian kisses.

- Nicole Hyman

So you're trying to set the right mood. Something that says "romance" without feeling like it was a last minute buy at Cardies. The lights have been dimmed. You've remembered the candles, red roses and wine.

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