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Craig David - Trust Me

2007-12-06 11:28
Craig David may have been MIA since 2005’s The Story Goes , but his new CD does not disappoint. It’s like seeing an old friend after a couple of years, and they look better than ever!

Trust Me is slicker than your average R&B smoothie album. It opens with current radio smash "Hot Stuff (Let’s Dance)" which samples David Bowie’s 1983 classic.. Wow, where are those dancing shoes? It’s time to shake it! Some Latin flavour is stirred into the mix with trumpets and heavy percussion sprinkled throughout.

Things stay on the same sexy vein until "Awkward". Just when you think he’s left behind all that melancholy of previous albums, he brings back sugary sad lyrics and high notes like only he can. Rita Ora (who sounds like Joss Stone at first ear) lends her voice to this slow jam that is sooo Craig David.
The winning formula for a comeback album? Something for everybody, of course. "Officially Yours" is a cute love-ditty that will have all teeny-boppers secretly hoping their boyfriend will dedicate this to them at the next school sokkie. Clean guitar chords and his distinctive voice cement this song in your head so you’ll soon be humming it in the shower.

It’s clear that women and music are Mr David’s two favourite topics. On “Kinda Girl For Me” he sings "She’s so sick like a dope melody, sitting nicely on top of the beat". Just shows that if you stick to what you know, you can only do it well. He’s a playa and he’s not shy to admit it.

The last few tracks return to jamming dance floor hits ending on a high note in his collaboration with rapper Kano on "This Is The Girl". Lots of distortion and an incredibly agile voice make for a well-produced hit that’s the insurance policy to make sure this album sells like wrapping paper this Christmas.

- Samantha Brighton

The UK’s R&B poster boy is back with an album primed to invade the clubs this summer and get all the girls down on their haunches, shaking their booties. It’s the perfect summer soundtrack to a Friday night.

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dank 2008/02/18 12:18 PM
Bizarro Listened to the clips. Eew. This is not good. Sam what are you doing?
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