Craig De Sousa - Audio Flux 2009

2009-12-11 12:38
Audio Flux 2009
If you need some assurance of this Cape Town based spinner's brilliance, look no further than the audio that surges throughout this jam- packed compilation. It's aptly titled Audio Flux 2009, which - in musical lingo - translates to the amount of audio that flows through a unit area. The unit area, in this case, is what was burning up his decks suring 2009.

Craig is not new to the house game, having earned his production stripes on his critically acclaimed series of Deeper Sounds albums. Now he takes his groove to the next level with the first release of his Audio Flux franchise, which he recorded in one take, using four decks!

"Show Me Love", by Craig's dance group, Iridium Project (remember their hit "Lu's Control"?) is a savvy opener to this rollercoaster ride through a minefield of Deep cum Tech with-a-dash-of Classical house filled with vocals, sax, bass and a whole lot groove! Be warned! Sax-aholics will definitely enjoy this curtain raiser which boasts awesome saxophone sounds, and the vocals of one R.J Benjamin. Yep, the very Benjamin who relentlessly hypnotised us with "Change The World" – a song that still does chaos at clubs and parties galore to this day.

The 80s and 90s groove meets current deep trance sounds on "For You". There aren't any words, well, at least in the English dictionary, to describe this marvellously put together tune. A classic past meets present at its best!.

This journey continues with "Aura", an instrumental deep house track with a tint of barking sounds in the milieu. It's remixed by Jimpster, you know the dude that has done remixes for, er, almost all the who's who's of house? Go figure! Later, Craig reverts to the vocal house recipe with "Insastiable", which reeks with heavy breathing from T Michelle, whom I'd say more about, if only I knew who she was, because she's quite good!

A definite contender for best track of the album is "Jinzou", a string of instrumentals, a deep fusion of bass, soulful hums in the background, and what sounds like keyboard thuds to make this track a definitive listen. Did I mention the keyboard sounds? My goodness! At this point of the journey you’'ll find that all your inhibitions are gone. There will no more be boundaries between you and the music… are at this point dancing like a headless chicken!

In contrast, "Word" enters the fray with a deep tempo and narrative prose that will let you catch some breath. Phew!. But then "Klack" throws you once again back into the deep end of hypnotic trance with its electro beats and deep bass.

Kerri Chandler is a reputable and world renowned producer, but with "Syntax Error", he definitely underperforms. It's a dull track with a sluggish beat that lacks the crescendo point that makes any house song.

The album nevertheless gets deeper and better as it nears the end, with "BRS Remixed" and "Schizophonic". These similar sounding tracks will appeal to the discerning deep house fanatic because of the deep bass and no vocals approach. Be warned though: "Schizophonic" will hurt you - especially if you're trying to cut down on your intake of deep house sounds. It's relentless! But by the time you reach "On The Streets", a male vocal song that incorporates string–like sounds, electro thuds, and vocal hums, you’ll be begging for mercy. "Let Freedom Ring" will be your new buzzwords after this tune.

Phonique -renowned for his "For The Time Being" masterpiece - closes the curtain to this rollercoaster journey with "Teenage Love", a soulful and soothing vocals tune, that only Phonique can orchestrate.

At this final point of our journey, I wish to rephrase: Yes, Audio Flux 2009 is indeed a journey through a minefield filled with groovey tunes, but it also passes on a lesson of how to compile a mix of the finer sounds in deep house. 

I can't wait for Audio Flux 2010!

Craig De Sousa delivers the first instalment of what promises to be an annual series of mixes. Beware of the kick, and prepare to be wounded - especially if you're trying to cut down on your intake of deep and tech house sounds.

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