Crash Car Burn - This City Needs a Hero

2008-07-07 17:40
However, it seems the Brothers Barnes have stuck to their plectrums and drumsticks and refused to let a little fuddy-duddy criticism get them down. Garth still over-enunciates his vowels and they still make radio-friendly pop-punk for piepiejollers. The most irritating thing about this album is Garth’s forced American accent. But maybe that’s exactly what’s pushed them onto the bill for the Vans Warped Tour in the USA and given them airplay on Kerrang Radio. Whatever works for you, I guess.

"Heroes" and "Serenade" are catchy like a bad cold. What’s with overused lyrics and predictable riffs being so popular? Does it stick just because that’s all we are given to listen to on the radio? "Get Away" is undoubtedly the best track on the album, comprising the energy of Blink 182 and the melodic cute factor you’d find in Simple Plan.
"For Every Star" is an aural assault with two vocal lines and the drummer all following different beats. Add some dreadful lyrics like "We’re young and we’re stupid, searching for a purpose" to make this one of the worst songs. Ever.

But overall it is actually exciting stuff: perfect for jumping up and down in your skulled All Stars and playing air guitar at an under 18 bash. Just like "Sweet Caroline", "Achy Breaky Heart" and "I’m Too Sexy for My Shirt", a good sing-a-long song will always do well, no matter how bad it really is.

- Sam Brighton

Crash Car Burn are two parts ex-Tweak and 2 parts unknown. Urgh, more Americanised teen anthems singing about 911 and the FBI you might think?

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