Crazy P - A Night on Earth

2006-12-05 11:01
Their sound is not as dark as Massive Attack’s later work, but it does sit in a more ear-friendly zone somewhere between Jamiroquai and, say, Morcheeba on happy pills.

Employing the same clap-centred seventies dancegrooves as Jay Kay’s mob, but punching it with the Juno-esque synthesis of analogue keyboard riffs, it’s a Footballer’s Wives party album, if you get the allusions to disco balls and expensive, pretentious drinks. Sometimes Crazy P does fall into the trap of overglazing the groove, as when “Bumcop” continues its riff run interminably before going absolutely nowhere anyway. But most times they hit the ‘interesting’ button with ease. Danielle Moore delivers “Lady T” with panache; “A Night on Earth” might have been thrown together by the great Nile Rodgers on acid (that’s a good thing); “Turnaway” and “Music’s my Love” drift ever so slightly into eighties synth territory.

Opting for cool and easy over hard and bombastic, Crazy P has delivered a worthwhile collection of dancy, unobtrusive grooves. The thing is, when those grooves transform into actual songs, they start to hint at something great. So here’s hoping that Crazy P continues in this vein on the next one.

- Anton Marshall


"...they are in the same class as the Love Unlimited Orchestra on Bumcop (though Barry White may have opted for a different title)." - John Burgess for The Guardian

"Providing a perfect panacea for the glum rock epidemic, Crazy P have once again seduced us with a record of perennial beauty." - Andy Puleston for BBC

Hailed by some as the most exciting UK Dancepop band since Massive Attack, Crazy P (formerly Crazy Penis) seem to have a lot going for them.

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