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Creedence Clearwater Revival - The Premier Collection

- It's "Creedence" Revival time

2006-03-29 18:28

Boasting a cooler box packed with jukebox heroes ("Bad Moon Rising", "Proud Mary", "Up Around the Bend", "Have you Ever Seen the Rain?" and "Who'll Stop the Rain?") it's a fascinating overview of a band who were simply tailor made for drive time radio airplay.

The 22-track set of truck stop friendly tunes moves from country flavoured romps ("Lookin' Out My Back Door", "Cotton Fields") and stadium rock stomps ("Hey Tonight") into muscular rock 'n roll shakers ("Travellin' Band", "Good Golly Miss Molly") and defiant blues struts ("Before You Accuse Me", "Green River").

With John Fogerty's singular six-pack and a carton of cigarettes soaked soul blues wail, original narratives ("Someday Never Comes" and "Night Time is the Right Time") sound ever bit as fresh as when they first surfaced. Of course, CCR were equally adept at giving classic Americana songs their own twist. Nowhere more so than on swinging renditions of "I Heard it Through the Grapevine", "Suzie Q" and Gene Pitney's lilting "Hello, Mary Lou". But it's the searing "Born on the Bayou" that really gets the road movie glands going.
Dufus hipsters the Kings of Leon are currently causing a sensation with their "we've just stepped straight out of the 70s and we make damn fine Southern rock" attitude. So what better time to return to the grassy roots of the sounds of the 70s than with CCR's Premier Collection?

goda 2003/11/27 4:28 PM
kids jumping around I remember staying in a very druggy commune in Durban for a few months, and there were two kids there who discovered my double creedence lp and my record player and used to put on the same song and jump around for hours to it. They drove me nuts. I can't hear it without feeling all weepy, now. Pram - Somniloquy
hennie 2003/11/27 8:28 PM
the best ever i have never been into southern rock, because in south africa we only receive the "popular" radio type music. i bought the dvd by john fogerty and it took me right back when friends thought i have lost it listening to CCR. now CCR is a favourite dvd friends come over to watch / listen
kay 2003/11/28 4:50 PM
party starter Nothing like a bit of Creedence to get people in the mood for a party, even if they won't admit it! Deep Purple
Frans Maritz 2003/11/30 10:14 PM
Creedence Clearwater Revival There's a lot of New Country that sounds like Creedence unfortuanately it just does not get played here in Africa. It's still good after all Sawyer Brown Greatest Hits
Daantjie Badenhorst 2006/09/15 5:33 PM
Timeless Whenever CCR releases a new album, it quickly reaches a high position on the official album charts. With some artists, this might be a source of irritation, but CCR's music is timeless; you can never get enough. I have only one point of criticism, which I will level at every CCR collection: why does I heard it through the grapevine HAVE to be 11 minutes long? If the song must be included, it can be edited to no more than four or five minutes. Otherwise, nobody has an excuse for not having a CCR compliation in their CD collection; even two, if some songs you consider erssential, is not included on one.
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