D'Angelo - The Best So Far…

2008-07-22 08:37
D'Angelo uses his sweet, falsetto vocal register to create smooth, urban R&B you hardly hear anymore these days. It's the kind of music you find yourself drifting off to as it infiltrates your mind and soothes your soul.

Actually, it's quite illogical for D'Angelo to release a 'Best Of' album when he's only recorded two studio albums, and as a result The Best So Far suspiciously feels like an EMI marketing ploy to get fans reconnected with the Grammy Award-winning artist before the rumoured release of his forthcoming third studio album.

The bonus DVD includes previously unreleased music videos. It has no special features, but that's just a testament to the artist – what you see is what you get, no special features. There is some eye candy though: watch out for the notorious "Untitled" video, featuring a supposedly naked D'Angelo.

- Megan Kakora

Before John Legend was the poster boy for neo-soul/R&B, this preacher's son was the golden boy of the late 90s, giving fellow artists such as Jill Scott, Lucy Pearl and Eric Benét a platform to showcase their music and lyrics.

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