DJ Cleo - Es’Khaleni Phase 4

2008-03-20 08:33
Maybe DJ Cleo should just stick to producing joints for other artists because we’re all starting to wonder why he’s become a household name as one of Mzansi’s respected house DJs. When I first heard that “Wena Ng’hamba Nawe” tune with a chorus that sounds like it was done by unrehearsed high school cheerleaders, I thought what a dreadful song. But then people seem to be playing it everywhere. So maybe Cleo does know what he’s doing. Maybe not. The rest of the album subjects us to off-tune beats and mediocre vocals in “I May Not Be Perfect”, an annoying synthetic ripping sound in “Ruthless” and an imitation of Queen Seseko’s cheesy bubblegum voice in “Jaiva Kuze Kuze”. C’mon Cleo you don’t really wanna be seen as the house version of Arthur: no one really wants to listen to these off-key shebeen house joints. Quit trying to make quick bucks with these fly-by-night jams. We want the real deal!

-Tiisetso Tlelima

For someone who’s been producing best-selling artists such as Pitch Black Afro, Mandoza, Brickz, Mzekezeke and Zola, you’d think that Cleo would be able to knock off killer tracks for his own album. But instead he gives us off-key shebeen house joints which sound like they were recorded in his garage the night before launching the album.

Calvin 2008/03/04 2:09 PM
Best DJ Ever I was reading an article that was written by someone known as Tiisetso Tlelima and i think he doesn't know what his talking about cos if people dnt like DJ cleo's album's then Y his tracks always become NO1 at the end of the year
shoki 2008/03/06 3:25 PM
don't run away keep up ur good wark i sure do enjoy it
DjPascal 2008/03/13 11:46 AM
I agree I really dont understand what u want from my Boy Cleo. His album is well composed and well mastered. “Wena Ng’hamba Nawe” is a real showcase of a South African style of house.Its very unfortunate, it doesnt make sense to you but It make good sense to a lot of South Africans. Ruthless a new style of house and South Africa is only joining in now.Take Black Coffee for instance his latest album is the bomb but there is some beat mis-matches in it. It just goes with Style. As for Cleo his music is his music, dont need to find it.
mpho 2008/04/02 6:42 PM
looooooovvvvveeeeeit dont b ajokerman,,,,dat review suck....stop hating....cleo we luv ya, keep rocking n making our booty shaaaaaakkkkeeee boiiiiii....ayyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoy
bhantsula 2008/04/28 4:47 PM
Best House Dj! The above review is soo inappropriate im actually hurt. This album here rocks, no doubts at all. This is one of Cleo's best albums by far. I luhv Eskhaleni Phase 4, ijooooooooooooo.
mbalim 2008/07/16 11:28 AM
you quit whilst your at it... Tiisetso, clearly you have no idea what you're talking about so, why don't you do us all a favour & quit whilst you're at it, or give yourself the opportunity to find out more about you writing about... & make INFORMED & RELEVANT comments.
lyrical_protestah 2008/08/11 11:41 AM
dammit woman =/ you dont know what you tawkin about =/ one star - hai dis album iz banging ekse you need to let loose a lil an get dat kasi vibes rocking agen - wakakakaka,,, cleo warockah
bobchinasupergroup 2008/08/26 5:17 PM
i agree with the write sure its "well mastered", but I gotta say I expect more from this guy. hes pure class. this album may be could but he can do better. lets go sa
Zouloublanc 2008/10/02 10:37 PM
Masijayiva manje. Hola hola, Gents, ngifuna ukuthi, that's this album, igrande, mina ngingumlungu kodwa bonke abantu they're listening to his song. I think perhaps that Tiisetso needs to get himself down to a shebeen, club or the like and just jive. This album is what South African music should be about because eveyone, white and black has to start jiving, and shaking the minute they here this. Viva Mzani, iyovavyo ... .
amanda 2008/10/09 3:15 PM
Can you do better I the love ngi' hamba nawe. Can you do better?? No, thats right. He has worked hard to get where he is be it for others or himself, he is proven. not everyone has to like the same thing. However if you can do it better than him then please try and make sure i hear it on production. Otherwise SSSShhhhhhh and let the song play. No time or space for negative critique.
sioux camara 2008/10/24 1:52 PM
Tiisetso i am just pondering if this person who left this - is in fact AFRICAN, or FAWSHO, NOT PROUD TO BE AFRICAN!!! Why don't you STOP critisising the South African Artists, tell me summin, do you earn money performing, ok, point stated, do you have ANY clue to HOW HARD it is for Artists in our '3rd world declared' country without a budget in THE MUSIC INDUSTRY to actually RELEASE Anything, ... didnt think so, or ....... YOU HAVE ISSUES WITH CLEO BECAUSE HE IGNORED YOU !! GROW UP, GET A LIFE ... Keep it Real SC
Marc 2008/11/11 6:18 AM
wow... there are a few amazing tracks on this album. I mean murderous dancefloor BOMBS. Wena Ng’hamba Nawe is tight. It might not be so cool in south africa, I don't know im in texas but this guy is great. all i got to say. 5 stars for Wena Ng’hamba Nawe, ruthless, and mind ckuf.
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