DJ Costa (Mixed by) - Bump XVII

2006-03-30 08:38

Nothing you read will make any difference to how you react to the latest Bump release. You'll either love Bump XVII, and go out and buy it along with roughly 80 000 other fans, or you'll cringe and cower, blocking your ears.

But Bump doesn't really warrant either reaction. Like every edition of the series, this double CD set has its ups and downs. But bear in mind, it's not designed to be listened to like you'd listen to Bach (and yes, that's a valid comparison to house music, believe it or not) or even in the way you'd listen to Paul Van Dyk, or indeed, to the original versions of the dance oriented songs featured - the heartbreaking Clubhouse butchering of Coldplay's strong hit, "Speed of Sound" springs to mind.

Occasionally it gets a little interesting. The vaguely adventurous rousing rhythms of Tribal Man's "Morning Light" manage to combat the dim lyrics. Kash vs Inxs's "Dream on Black Girl" is urgent enough to thrill. In fact, there's more bearable stuff towards the ends of both discs.

But basically, this a double-CD, jam packed with 37 recognisable melodic tracks, is relentlessly cheesy, harmlessly silly, and rhythmically predictable enough to move to when trashed. It's inconsequential fluff designed to create a "vibe" and inject a bit of energy into the air... And it would be harmless, if it weren't quite so likely that we'd all be forced to hear it in clubs and bars, at beach parties and at lowest common denominator New Year's bashes, all through summer 2005/6.

Yes, Bump XVII is certain to be extremely popular - it's what commercial radio stations have taught people IS dance music. Which doesn't mean it actually is worth dancing to. Remember: once upon a time, everyone KNEW that the earth was flat.

- Jean Barker

Bump is an SA institution - this is the 17th Edition. And XVII is really just more of the same - cheesy house remixes of popular tunes.

Billy 2005/12/24 3:31 PM
BUMP 17 Review BUMP 17, the BEST dance album is here. True BUMP fans won't tollerate critisism to a BUMP album because this series is better than any dance album. Why would it be bad? After all, it IS South Africa's No.1 selling dance album! Nothing can beat it and nothing WILL ever beat it! BUMP 17 rocks!!! Let's see who tries to contradict me. Bump 17
tasha 2005/12/28 11:18 AM
bump 17 review i totally agree with billy! if you wanna dance and move your booty this is da best cd to get!! bump is an amazing cd and you won`t get bored.. believe me... bump is kick ass!!!!
alex 2005/12/28 11:23 AM
bumps da best Yo people!!! who wants to listen to bach or mozart if you can listen to bump 17? I mean.. HELLO!! It is really one of the best bumps, so far. I love dance music and i have every single bump cd. and i'm telling you it's GREAT!! BUMP
Dylan 2006/10/29 4:22 AM
HELP!!!!!!! I need help getting hold of every bump album to date. The only problem is i live in England and out here its IMPOSSIABLE to get hold of any of them. Can some1 please point me in the right direction???
Dylan 2006/10/29 4:27 AM
Help!!!!! If any one can help my E-Mail address is: Thanx
simon 2006/11/06 2:17 PM
It's just a Bump to the left I agree with the review. AND yes, it is the number one selling album. Along with Steve Hofmeyre etc...
john 2007/06/26 1:12 PM
take me away since i started listening to dance,bump was my best cd especially disc 2
Hetie 2008/03/25 3:51 PM
BUMP 12 + 13 I'm looking for the BUMP 12 + 13 CD's. Mine was stolen, and I can't manage to get them anywhere!!!!!!!
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