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2006-03-29 18:16

As far as DJ Sammy is concerned, uplifting house never died - it just possessed the twitching corpses of the pop music graveyard. His second album, Heaven, is little more than a collection of synthed cover versions, some (like "California Dreaming") more improbable than others.

While his chart-aspiring singles (like "Heaven") may lack originality, Sammy is undoubtedly good at what he does. A Spaniard with a huge German following, he is the logical extension of euro-pop-fiend turned house DJ. His hits may be ludicrously happy, shiny and plastic, but they are meant to be - it's intentional, not an oversight.

A pity then that his darker, more original work will probably never get much play. While none of it is revolutionary, his own tracks are far more memorable than Don Henley's "Boys of Summer". At his best Sammy is decidedly Van Dyke-esque. The (almost) cheese-free clarity of tracks like "Vive el Presente", "Take Me Back to Heaven" and "Sunchild" make me think Sammy is probably a lot better live than he is on CD.

DJ Sammy strikes me as a shrewd businessman with a passion for DJing. He knows that smash hit singles give him space to do what he loves, so he produces them. If he can someday forget the singles and kick his cheese addiction, DJ Sammy may still make his mark on dance culture. Otherwise he is destined for the pop-cultural scrap heap.

DJ Sammy's "uplifting house" won't take you to dance paradise. But he shows promise.

Michael 2003/05/27 11:05 AM
Fab DJ Sammy! I first heard Heaven on Radio approx 8/9 months ago, followed by Boys of summer a couple of months later. Saw him in Cape Town last weekend and he has more than surpassed expectations! You won't be disappointed. Heaven, of course!
SP 2003/05/27 3:56 PM
Your still listening?? My 6 year old sister love the cd, and 4 only 2 "nice" songs its a waist of money. His performance wasnt that good ether. Truth - The Club
Heaven's Angel 2003/05/27 4:19 PM
EXCELLENT!!! I dont care about the cd - the show was FANTASTIC!!! DJ Sammy rocked Dockside on Friday! The vocals was EXCELLENT!! hieee-haaa!!!!
Vitor 2003/05/27 5:29 PM
Mr. Love the cd.Was dissappointed with show on Saterday night,JHB venue.The only song that they played or tried to sing was Heaven and then the crowd had to help along 95% of the time.
Philip 2003/05/27 8:04 PM
Heaven It's great.
Nadia 2003/05/28 7:46 AM
I love it Was at the show... wasn't that impressing but I love the cd its excellent love it...!!!!! ;o)
TANYA VAN DER LINDEN 2003/05/28 8:00 AM
Bubbles I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
zandra 2003/06/03 1:14 AM
mansion its the worst cd i have ever heared mansion
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