DJ Tiesto - Parade of the Athletes - Tiesto's new album

2006-03-29 19:55

Playing rousing anthems from beginning to end, Tiesto on Parade of the Athletes goes for drama and builds the excitement. In typical style, he layers one sample over another to create a thickening arrangement of rhythms and melodic lines that climax - or surprise you by dropping into dramatic near silence before the beat comes back for that expansive "doef doef" release.

Many of the tracks were custom written for the Olympic opening ceremony, as titles like "Heroes", "Athena" and "Olympic flame" suggest. But musically, Tiesto only nods to Olympic hosts' music traditions, by including samples of traditional Greek drums on "Ancient History". Also in the set: the mental "Traffic" and pleasingly naf "Adagio for strings".

Particularly recommended for classical music listeners. You'll either be appalled by the way it borrows from the old musical masters, or excited! Hardcore trance aficionados might find this pop trance pleasurable enough fodder for a party.

High voltage, beautifully synthetic and exciting, Tiesto shows why he's one of the world's top DJs. He also demonstrates how production and arrangement are arts in themselves. Though some melodies in isolation range from bland to meandering, when Tiesto mixes them, they're full of fireworks.

The success of this CD lies in its unashamedly euphoric sound, but also in its pop appeal. Those who know nothing about trance will probably enjoy it in the right context. They might even discover a great genre thanks to Tiesto's broad appeal.

A quote from the liner notes sums up what it's about:
"The audience in the stadium got more and more used to the music and within an hour in my set lots of people were dancing. I even saw some prime ministers clapping their hands!" - Tiesto

- Jean Barker

Recorded live at the Olympics opening ceremony, popular trance DJ Tiesto's set is mainly his own stuff - he wrote or co-wrote and composed 11 of the 12 tracks.

Nelmari 2004/11/21 11:05 PM
tiesto-athic It's hot and happening and has a groovyzing to it. You got to LOVE it!!! Hoobastanc - The Reason
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