Dan Patlansky - Real

2009-01-21 11:14
I recently had the opportunity of seeing Mr. Patlansky in action. He’s good. So good in fact, that trying to describe his playing with words is like attempting the Paris to Dakar in a wheelbarrow. He’s got it all: speed, technique, groove, tone, but most of all, soul. Did I mention he sings, too?
This album captures that live energy to some degree, but certainly not all of it. Once you get past the 90’s cover art you’ll be treated to the sounds of Dan and his crew of blues mongers laying down the basics and progressively stepping it up as you move further along. It culminates with my personal favorite track, a live performance of "Blues for New Orleans" at the radio station WWOZ. Pure magic. On the rest of the album, there are these extremely rare moments where the band (save Dan) sounds a little too sterile, too clean, but not here.

If you happen to hear of a Patlansky show going down in your neighborhood, get your butt over there, and while you’re there get the album. Shake his hand if you get he chance. I have feeling he won’t be this accessable for very long.

- Loedi Van Renen

Sometimes I listen to some of the ‘more experienced’ fans of blues and rock, blissfully regaling their favorite herbally enhanced concert stories, I get the feeling that I was born too late. Too late to see Hendrix burn, Stevie Ray Vaughan’s six stringed insanity, or Townsend smash his axe in a moment of pure soul wrenching rock and roll.

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Uncle 2008/02/20 12:34 PM
Hellelujah Dan is a guitar god. Far and away the greatest musician in the country. His unnerving dedication to his art and his skill is truly something to behold. He is the blues - Raw, uncompromising blues. Even the Americans think so. I saw him play with the New Orleans All Star Band from WWOZ - words can't describe how great it was. He will be our greatest export, and he's a hell of a nice guy to boot. Keep The Passion.
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