Dance Grooves - Housemaster's Dance Grooves - Various

2006-03-29 19:39

The reason people called the pills "ludes" is that these white sedative tablets made them too tired to pronounce the entire brand name. "'Ludes" (along with various other pill and powder form drugs) were very Seventies.

Ludes made you feel totally peaceful and all floaty and stuff. Apparently they also made you think porno was a serious art form. And that voting for the National Party and getting a brown and orange speckled wall to wall carpet and a rottweiler was a really tasty plan.

Then when you were feeling really floaty, you'd go and buy the kind of music found on Housemaster's Dance Grooves. It was perfect for that party when you were so high on tranqs that you could only dance in slow-mo while the floor kept moving away like a trampoline.

And if you're sober, it's fantastic too. What we have here is a whole bunch of classic groovy 70s schmaltz pop pieces, remastered by DJ Segale Aldrin Mogotsi. Wonderful, especially the opening track "Laid Back", and the Diana Ross number, "Love Hangover".

Highly recommended, just because it's such fun.

- Jean Barker

In order to understand this music, it's important to understand Qualudes, known for short as "ludes", which is basically the same thing as Mandrax (but not smoked.)

caitlin 2004/10/10 9:19 PM
tweak FANTASIC, better than anything i have ever listened to. tweak - lost boys club
Caitlin 2004/10/10 9:21 PM
tweak the best SA band EVER i will give i 10 out of 5 coz its just so cool and i love it. tweak lost boys club
caitlin 2004/10/10 9:24 PM
tweak yeah baby!!! man better than sliced bread, they ROCK SO BAND and i will tap there asses anyday. and they are just the best ppl to hang with. come on EVERYONE and support SA music coz it so cool! tweak- lost boys club
Caitlin 2004/10/10 9:32 PM
finkelstiens no sorry they just dont do it for me!! i could say that they are MAYBE book wize but street stupid, if you know what i mean!! -100 out of 10 not to get their CD coz its just a waist of cash, whats worth cash is [t][w][e][a][k]
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