Daniel Merriweather – Love & War

2009-07-21 11:55
Love & War
Daniel Merriweather has a funky and fresh sound, his sexy, bold voice and charming lyrics are simply irresistible. Plus he's cute, so he's starting with a good footing. This young crooner may have only hit the charts recently with hits like "Change" and "Red", but he's already got the backing power of pop heavyweights like Mark Ronson and Adele, so you'd better sit up and listen.

The wonderful thing about the album is that it showcases his versatility. Daniel is as impressive on a club hopper like Mark Ronson's "She's Got Me" as he is on a mellow and melancholic ballad like "Cigarettes" where you'll realise just how big this boy's voice is.

The resounding theme on this album seems to be love that doesn't work out. Ag shame. but there's nothing like a broken heart to fuel a good spate of songwriting, hey? The oddly sexy and vibey "Chainsaw" pins it all on the girl of course, while "Impossible" is evidence of just how desperate this lad is. Later, "Water and A Flame" featuring Adele is beautifully poignant and honest. There's so much variety and layering on this album, there's a side of this boy you're bound to love.

"Love, sex, and TV sets…" It's the stuff of magic! Daniel Merriweather knows what you want, but can he give it to you?

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