Daniel Powter - Daniel Powter

2006-03-30 04:17

Attaching a producer of Mitchell Froom's calibre to your project, and getting a big push through your major label Warner Bros. should mean you're the next David Gray or something.

That's certainly the image Daniel Powter's emo-pop seems to invoke - that of a tortured soul who can't get his head around relationships or relations. With the emergence of the aforementioned Gray and even Coldplay as chart-toppers in recent years, the game seems to be stacked in Powter's favour.

Defiantly, he still fails to score. Throughout this fisting full of instantly forgettable songs and an annoying vocal delivery, Powter's contribution to adult pop is neither moving nor danceable.

If his high register is a draw card, it's a risky one. And with an image that's hardly memorable, it's difficult to recognise Mr. DP on the radar when there are quite a few others in the same market space...

So, despite the apparent success of the album's lead track, "Song 6" (the first song on the album), there's not much to find that one may describe in the way of 'classic' or even quite good, other than the fact that Froom's production consistently flatters the weak songs.

- Anton Marshall

It's climbing the charts and selling, but it's hard to see why this boring and undistinguished adult pop album is getting so much attention.

Lula 2005/11/14 10:29 AM
Daniel Powter yawn yawn yawn What does everyone SEE in this guy. He is so dull! There's so much great music out there and this nonsense is climbing the charts instead? Weird, and sad. Elbow - Leaders of the Free World
alex 2005/12/28 12:42 PM
whatever!! you just dont appretiate it enough... you clearly have other taste in music.... but no daniel fan will tolerate your DULL opinion on his cd!!! elbow??? now that sounds DULL!! THE HITS
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