Daniel Powter - Under the Radar

2008-12-24 09:09
Under the Radar
Listening to this album is rather like watching a good looking corpse. It's soullessly empty. All the elements which could make for a good album are there, but without any spark and soul. Five years from now Under the Radar will be buried beneath Daniel's 'one hit wonder' status.

Singing that "Life's been good I can't complain so far" ("Whole World Around") shows success went straight to his big head. His producers clearly let him do whatever he wanted on this album. "Am I Still the One?" and "Don't Give Up on Me" are honest tracks masking themselves as love songs, but deep down Daniel knows his limelight is fading and he's searching for some affirmation that he still has some talent.

Daniel Powter isn't bad. He's got a good voice and the ability to write a smash hit. It's really just Under the Radar that's terrible. If he lets go of the soppy drama, puts more vooma in his voice and pizzazz in his pick, he might just have another good day.

- Sam Brighton

It's been three years since his last album and smash hit "Bad Day", and it seems Daniel is resting on those laurels. What do the pros say..."You’re only as good as the moment you're in"? Clearly, Powter's moment has come and gone.

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