Danny K - This is My Time

2006-12-18 17:29

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When listening to most popular R&B soul, you would be forgiven for wondering why it's called "soul" and not "crotch" or maybe "ass". Danny K's stuff is no different. Every track on the album is about sex - trying to get sex, getting sex or hoping that the person across the room in a club is keen on some.

A few songs, like the title track (“Ambition and Hope”) and the flowery but likeable "Unfrozen", deviate from the theme, but that's not what makes this album such a sure thing. What raises This is My Time out of the soul pile destined for next month's bargain bin are Danny K's collaborations with top SA and international talent. Kabelo kicks off on the disco-flavoured but catchy title track. The loveably cheeky "Shorty" and the danceable, honest but deeply derivative "One night" both feature Whistlejacket, and the slavering "Clothes off" co-stars Buckshot.

Danny K is probably destined for greatness, and not least because he's not too much of a coward to rub shoulders with it for fear of disappearing in its shadow. His collaboration with Mandoza, the brilliantly titled Same Difference was one of the best beach drive albums of summer 2004.

Don't expect poetic lyrics, original concepts or a peak into anyone's soul. This is more of a look down the pants - and an aural treat. The production is as clean and sweet as the lyrics and grooves are dirty.

- Jean Barker
For lovers of Danny K's slickster-looking-down-his -nose-at-you-shorty pop soul appeal, he's just made an album packed with wet dreams. For the rest of us, This is My Time is still a damn sight more attractive than anything Craig David's done lately.

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coco 2006/12/11 2:30 PM
I love Danny I saw him when he performed in JHB recently and he was really good!
Sash 2006/12/19 6:34 PM
ALBUM OF THE YEAR !! This Is the greatest R and B album to come out of SA EVER!!!!! u need to hear it --go get it. This review does not do it justice !! Its 5 stars Jean Barker...
Ronny 2006/12/24 10:11 PM
AMAZING I agree!! I got it and its soooooo amazing !! 3 stars does not do this album justice.
Tumi 2006/12/26 2:30 PM
fresh, funky and very much Danny Baby! I'm proud to say I'm one of danny's biggest fans and he has never disappointed me. this album is most def one of his best and this rewiew no, no baby he don't play like dat. Hugs, kisses and butterflies for you DK 4rom your #1 fan tumi
Tumi 2007/02/02 6:35 PM
WHO REVIEWED THIS ? Worst review ever. This album is DOPE !!! One of the BEST I have ever heard- SA or not !!! This half hearted review does not do anything DK is DOPE
Greg 2007/02/09 1:17 AM
Tumi 2007/02/28 3:51 PM
MONATE THWAA Need I say more.This album has to win a SAMA or two three years of hard work and the results are an explosive mix R&B Soul and pop. to the reviewer don't playa hate because jealousy makes you nasty just hug yourself boy. And to Danny, you really outdone yourself boy DAMN. All I can say is "This is my time to hold the wourld up in my hands.
lior 2008/07/13 8:42 AM
is this Danny K who Responsable for the beautyful song "speech"? it's one of my fav!!!
Marc 2008/08/22 7:19 PM
This is DK Time One day its gonna happen- The Americans are going to hear this boy and snap him up and he will be working with the top producers cranking out soulful sounds and pure Motown grooves. DK takes time to drop albums like every 3 years but when it comes, its fresh and relevant. The white boy with SOUL............. peace bro.
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