Danny K's J23 - Celebrate SA's soul star

2006-03-29 18:25

Enter Danny K who's latest set of slick urban soul on a pop crossover tip could just catapult the self-made idol into the big time.

Alternating bass-heavy dance floor jams ("I Could Love U"), languid soul inflected love lilts ("One of a Kind") and airy acoustic pop boy band style ballad breezes ("Beautiful"), K supplies listeners with a bewitching musical journey that amounts to nothing less than the perfect soundtrack to an entire summer day.

Hooking up with a stellar cast of collaborators doesn't hurt either. Whether it's the polished kwaito soul groove of "Boogie All Night Long" (featuring Tkzee's Kabelo), the Afro-pop street funk of "Who's that Girl?" (featuring Johnny Clegg) or the retro disco hip-hop delight of "Soopadoopa", Danny K delivers what so many of his South African contemporaries forget about: himself.

Sure, he wears his influences on his soul-soaked sleeve, yet no song ever sounds like mere prefabricated pop fodder. If Justin Timberlake can turn his love for Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder into a recipe for authentic soul success, then there's no reason why Danny K shouldn't be equally celebrated.

- Miles Keylock

Despite the global success of Johnny Clegg and Ladysmith Black Mambazo it's frustrating that so few contemporary South African artists have managed the transition from homegrown hero into international superstar. Sure, it's easy to cite obvious excuses like well, having to compete in a worldwide market and pointing out the inherent hindrances of not sounding South African enough.

Belinda 2003/11/20 3:10 AM
it rocks!! your album is cooool!!! i really enjoy your music since it has a mixture of South African beats too..keep it up Danny!! Danny K- I can't imagine
anon 2003/11/22 7:49 PM
GUEST dan, ure cd's really gr8! J23 and dannyk
shauneen 2003/12/27 9:27 PM
excellent I couldn't of got a better present if anyone tried it is excellent
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