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Dave Matthews - Some Devil

2009-06-19 12:57

Actually, Some Devil is a major departure from the radio-ready acoustic rock jam formula of the DMB and sees the South African born singer explore far more intimate, contemplative - even earnest - lyrical and musical avenues.

Which is not to say this stuff is downbeat or depressing, not at all. Pared down and sometimes plain lean 'n mean arrangements ensure the segue between sinuous modern rock jams ("Gravedigger"), aching autobiographical laments ("Some Devil") and bittersweet reflections ("Stay or Leave") remains seamlessly uplifting, if not upbeat.

Fans of meditative melodic rock are going to adore pensive slices of life like "Trouble" (think "Wide Awake in America" era U2) and the trio of delicate unplugged ditties ("Stay or Leave", "Oh" and "Baby").

Most impressively though, Matthews shows that he's equally adept at tapping into an insistently inspired compositional vein on the blues-y Tom Waits shuffle of "Grey Blue Eyes", the fragile Jeff Buckley slow soar of "So Damn Lucky" and "An' Other Thing" and the epic orchestral rock sweep of "Too High".

As the lead singer, songwriter, guitarist and founding member of a band named after himself you might well wonder just why Dave Matthews bothers to release a solo album. Unless, of course, he's deliberately trying to distance himself from the adult contemporary rock sound that's made the Dave Matthews Band a stadium friendly favourite across the globe.

goda 2003/12/31 10:17 AM
newfound fandom Never been a big fan of our dave, but this album turned me around. Ok, perhaps giving it five stars is a BIT much but it's a real surprise, and a great one. I can see what people liked so much in him, now that the the elements that define his sound are isolated on this release. It's great stuff, it really is. Blue Nile - A walk across the rooftops
Luke 2003/12/31 10:21 AM
Still MOR, though good It is very middle of the road, but for once that means accessible in a good sense. Very much worth the cover price, though I am not sure yet if it will stay the distance as music. Tom Waits' "Mule Variations"
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