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David Cook - This Loud Morning

2011-09-06 09:04
The seventh American Idol winner David Cook had been dealt some serious blows before he released his new CD, This Loud Morning.

The hardest of these was the death of his older brother Adam in May 2009, who had been fighting brain cancer. It was this that pushed him to write his most personal album yet.

Although people might think, looking at the title of the new CD, that they will find some hard-rocking "loud" tunes, it turns out to be everything but loud. The CD consists of feel-good mood music for the morning. This Loud Morning has a much more artistic vibe to it, and is good on the ear as it includes strings, piano and rocky guitar bits.

Cook says that as he was writing the material for the CD, a theme began to emerge. "There were mornings where I woke up and all I wanted to do was pull the blanket back over my head and try again tomorrow."

That feeling inspired the album's opening track, "Circadian", as well as its closing track, "Rapid Eye Movement", which includes a line from which the album's title is taken: "Give me one more quiet night before this loud morning gets it right and does me in."

This Loud Morning deals with some heavy themes, but it doesn't mean the CD is a downer, and David credits his producer Matt Serletic (Aerosmith, Rob Thomas, and Willie Nelson) for its success. But it's also easy to see that as an artist he has grown with the recording of This Loud Morning.
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This feel-good mood music from the former American Idol winner is anything but loud.

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Meg 2011/08/13 3:51 AM
Thank you for the review of This Loud Morning. I have been playing this cd on repeat for a long time now. Can't really decide on a top favorite. Excellent job by David Cook (and crew). I give it 5 stars.
Peggy 2011/08/13 4:59 AM
Thank you for the great review of This Loud Morning. I cannot listen to just one song from this album. Every time I listen, I am compelled to hear the entire album, beginning to end. It reminds me of reading a book I just can't put down until I have read every chapter.
Jazzy 2011/08/13 6:05 AM
Excellent cd. Amazing singer. David Cook's 'This Loud Morning' is a must-have... I enjoyed reading your review - thank you.
Dan 2011/08/13 11:33 AM
Nice review. I personally would give this album a five star rating and this coming from a guy who likes classic rock. This is an album written, produced and performed the way an album should be done. My favorite song is REM and then We Believe. I have the Deluxe addition and one of the bonus tracks is Let Me Fall for You. THAT is stellar!
Closeyoureyes 2011/08/13 12:16 PM
Great review. This is possibly my favorite album ever - love every song on it!And what makes it even better, is that there is some very interesting stuff going on beneath the surface, both lyrically and musically.
Nick 2011/08/13 2:03 PM
Thanks for reviewing this album. It's musically and lyrically interesting and is backed up by Cook's most excellent vocals. I can't recommend it highly enough - 5 stars for sure.
Dawn 2011/08/13 3:43 PM
Good Review I give this cd 5 stars it has deep songs and the vocals are amazing....a must hear!
NEMO 2011/08/13 4:19 PM
Anyone who wonders if they should invest in this album/artist should just go watch the Walmart Soundcheck vids made for the TLM album release (google easy find). They are amazing and they tell it all -- you can download TLM from amazon or iTunes and you'll be glad you got the whole thing. Probably a different song will be your fav every day.
sammyboy 2011/08/13 5:23 PM
EW...Don't like this CD..liked his first one but this one stinks.
Pat 2011/08/13 5:54 PM
Rocks in a more complicated way than first cd, listen to it a lot and it's great.
Glengirl 2011/08/13 11:22 PM
This Loud Morning is the thinking person's kind of CD. Upon multiple listens, you discover something new and deeper each time...both musically and lyrically. The constant, though, is the incredible voice!
MsElaineous 2011/08/14 7:06 AM
Personally, I found some very loud moments on this record, as well as at least one song (Goodbye to the Girl)that makes me hurt - in a good way - every time I play it. The bonus tracks should have been included on the main album, they are that good. My gut reaction after first listen was "Analog Heart on steroids!" (I LOVE Analog Heart!) Love the music, love the voice, love the whole ting. 5 stars, no question about it.
Kelly B. 2011/08/14 8:03 AM
I love this album...pretty much every song. That's unusual to love SO many songs on an album. Cook's voice is unique and the rasp here and there, the amazing glory notes, and the absolutely beautiful falsetto. This album is fantastic and I give it 5 stars!
julie 2011/08/15 5:53 AM
Love the review of David Cook's This Loud Morning. This album has been a great comforter for me since I bought it. Listening to this music gives me peace and happiness.
Maria 2011/08/15 9:27 PM
I haven't listened to anything else since I got it about a month and a half ago. Excellent vocals, lyrics, and music. 5 stars for sure!
Sandy S. 2011/10/01 2:32 AM
  • Rating:
Great Album! Just needs to be heard! David's voice sounds fantastic! My favorite's are "4 letter word", "Circadian", "Last Goodbye", "Paper Heart", - too many to list. David needs to be promoted more, hopefully his tour with Gavin Degraw will help! I've seen him in concert twice - great performer!
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