David Ford - Songs for the Road

2008-06-03 07:40
He throws a few solid punchlines too, thanking a girl for "the things around the house you left unthrown" on "Go to Hell". Then he gets satisfyingly hardcore, summarising acquiescence USA's xenophobic war and other evils as "Let us be kissed on the cheek, let us be fucked from behind" on "Requiem". He also goes drinking to fill up his empty heart on "Nobody Tells Me What to Do". The anti-folk vibe keeps it cool, while warm arrangements make the painful points he's making as road-trip-friendly as the title promises.

The album’s certainly not designed to be played on a PC or portable device – the two hidden tracks "There is a Light" and "Shame not Regret" only appear after minutes of silence, spoiling an otherwise lovely record with the use of an outdated, outmoded pretension.

Still, this is shweet stuff. While there's nothing mystical about David Ford's music, and nothing flashy or astounding, he'll break big if he breaks at all. Listening to this is like overhearing brothers who love each other comforting each other adoringly - lots of arms round the shoulder, lots of booze, lots of hard luck stories. Women will like it too. It's got balls, but not smelly, hairy balls. Nice balls!

And it's not James Blunt.

- Jean Barker
Fans of David Gray, Coldplay, Rod Stewart, The Eagles… and James Blunt, this one's for you.

David Ford is a singer-songwriter for rock-raised boys who feel and think. His reliable melodies deliver earnestness in bootloads, and canny lyrics are touching in an uncomplicated, refreshing way.

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