David Foster - David Foster - Flat to Round

2006-03-29 19:34

And Foster has produced a polished album - he's a talented South African singer-songwriter, who's a tight live performer.

The seeds of greatness are certainly there. Though the melodies are unremarkable, they're tightly constructed, well arranged and meaningful cradles for his rather overworked, but undeniably intelligent lyrics. His vocal delivery is a bit stressful - perhaps suffering from too much live work - but he has a beautiful voice and something to express. And he's well produced. This isn't some sloppy album by someone too lazy to earn his stripes on the live scene.

And David's extremely good looking, which always helps.

But South African rock scene is still a tough one to crack. The market is small, musically uneducated, and lazy when it comes to showing up for gigs or buying CDs, and if you don't make it big fast, sell lots of albums, have a number one hit, and get your name out there, you could wind up bitter, drinking too much and playing pub gigs in dodgy bars in a few years time.

The alternative? Look beyond that scene - either by going overseas, or by taking your music somewhere it hasn't gone before, and reaching a broader audience that way Van Der Want & Letcher pulled that off with their fantastic CD, Bignity.

Flat to Round is a worthwhile CD. The question is, is there anything really new here? Or is this CD such a great listen that it just doesn't matter? The answer is no, unfortunately.

- Jean Barker


Foster has a knack for catchy tunes and has the skill to fill them out into good songs. Superb production by Sunset Studios completes the package. Flat to Round is best local melodic-rock album since Matthew van der Want and Chris Letcher's Bignity.
- Michelle Matthews for the Mail &Guardian

David Foster sounds a lot like Dave Matthews, which isn't a bad thing necessarily. Everyone has influences, and Dave Matthews is a class act.

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