David Foster - Live! and at home

2006-03-29 22:20

Live! and at Home
shows off Foster's strong audience rapport, beautiful voice and occasionally lovely singing. Unfortunately, he delivers his lines rather flatulently, spoiling the subtle potential of his songs - he substitutes sudden bursts of volume for inflection. He also has a few other annoying mannerisms, like singing "deyeeyehyeeyead" instead of "dead", and "hooopen your heart" instead of "open your heart"... repetitively. Sadly, what many vocalists imagine to be their "trademarks" are really their most common mistakes.

This is a pity, because Foster is capable of genuinely moving subtlety. Listen to the way he delicately delivers this line from "Ghost": "She sleeps on my shoulder and if feels like home". All is briefly forgiven.

His band lets him down here and there - guitarist Sven Bumer sounds less than fluent on the Mark Knopfler reminiscent riffs of "Vee-dub" and frequently simply cheesy when he cranks out his solos.

On the plus side, restrained drumming from Pierre Tredoux, subtle keyboards from Jan Krynauw, and Brian Lawrence's slick bass and dependable songwriting with often perceptive lyrics all hold this album together, prove Foster's growing promise, and make Live! and at Home a worthwhile SA rock collector's buy despite its flaws.

- Jean Barker

* Click the track names in the clips box to have a listen to a 30 second selections of songs on the CD.

David Foster's studio album Flat to Round proved his value as a solid songwriter with a good voice. His loyal following kept him in gigs. He made it onto the first Going Nowhere Slowly soundtrack. Live! and at Home treats his fans to a selection of new tracks live, and gig versions of a few old favourites.

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