David Gray - Greatest Hits

2008-01-03 10:02
No, it's not just his deft acoustic soul pop conflation of Elvis Costello's "I Want You", Paul McCartney's "Yesterday" and Cat Stevens' "Wild World" into a bittersweet confessional cocktail that’s uncannily reminiscent of Coldplay's Chris Martin covering Elton John’s "Nikita". It's the way he mainlines hopeless romance into bewildered ballads that segue from electro-acoustic relationship parables such as "Babylon" and lo-fidelity crushes like "The One I Love" and "Be Mine" to obsessive-compulsive morality tales "Alibi" and "Please Forgive Me".
Gosh, perusing those song titles it sounds like this guy is hung up with getting laid? Damn straight. Thing is, Gray’s an accomplished songwriter who's not afraid to bare and share his soul in a variety of musical settings. Whether it's the slow bruised self-loathing of early psycho-drama "Flame Turns Blue", the laptop folk quirkiness of "Caroline" or the adult contemporary pop articulation of brand new single "You’re The World To Me" his minor key palette of spare piano, strummed guitars and sublime electro-filtered folk pop seldom fails to nail the leap of faith required to heal a cheating heart.

- Miles Keylock

With only a pair of UK Top 10 singles on his CV, is this collection of British singer songwriter David Gray’s "Greatest Hits" really what it advertises itself as? Nope. It’s more of a "best of". As an overview of his career-to-date it's also a pretty useful primer into what sets Gray apart from metro-sexual pop contemporaries like James Blunt, James Morrison, Daniel Powter etc. etc.

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Samsung 2008/01/10 11:12 AM
Bare your soul I agree David Gray isn't afraid to say how he feels, no matter how obscure and 'out there' it might sound. I love this album because it makes me fall in love over and over again.
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