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2006-03-29 20:15
The cover art is really the good bit. The music itself is the true horror of this awe-inspiringly awful CD. The wash of sound with doinkie doinkie synths and pulsing synths and breathy synths and drumlike synths and insectlike synths doesn't quite manage to hide the spaced out cat call of Davina's voice.

No amount of searching on the Internet would reveal why she chose to make music this simultaneously sweetly sick and unlistenable. It really is bad.

Or so I thought. But then a colleague came by and had a listen and said "Oh, we do Yoga to this music. It sounds OK when you're standing on your head." Think Sarah Brightman meets Deep Forrest meets Kate Bush after she's had a lobotomy. Which I guess could sound ok if you were standing on your head.

I'm not, though.

- Jean Barker

* Don't take my word for it! Have a listen to clips of the first four songs - to your left in the lilac box on this page.

What is this CD cover? It's Davina's picture, pearl finish lipstick, baby blue sheets in the background, peroxided hair, powdered face, light bulb flash effect and every other conceivable sign of obvious bad taste.

Tina 2004/11/26 3:35 PM
Aaaaaaaaaah! Aaaaaaaaa! AAAAAAAAA! AAAAAAAAAAAAA! EEEEIIIIIIAAAAIII!!! eeeeeeeeeAAAAAEEEEEE!!!!!!! Not this one.
Alicia 2005/01/03 8:24 AM
Davina I think its terrible.
Michael 2005/01/03 9:14 PM
Davina I think the CD is absolutely phenominal! Davina sings better than Sarah Brightman for sure - the music is really soothing. I actually met her at an instore signing at Musica Brooklyn Pta 2 weeks ago and she looks like a natural blonde to me!!! More Davina!!!!!!!
Sharon 2005/01/03 9:19 PM
Davina This CD is really beautiful, its almost like a funkier version of Enya - but with strong vocals. The original review is very biased - I'm a bit disappointed. Sarah Brightman: Harem
Cecila 2005/01/03 9:31 PM
Davina I think its great.
JH 2005/01/05 11:20 PM
Davina I think Jean Barker should be fired - she never has a descent word to say about anybody with depth and quality like Davina. Davina is by far the best voice South Africa has ever had and I personally can't wait for her next amazing CD Another Davina CD or DVD??
ineke 2005/01/28 12:39 PM
Davina Davina has a very nice voice , though the music will not be for everyone , mostly classical lovers . As I am a singer , I think she did a great job . If you can do it better Jean Barker , lets hear your cd . Remember , everyone has different taste , if you don't have anything nice to say rather shut up. So I think you better shut up then .
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