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2006-03-30 11:57

The term "Glamazons" could have been invented to describe Destiny's Child - A.K.A "DC". There's the beautiful A-Type Beyonce (who's also the major musical talent of the group), Kelly of the cute appeal (who co-wrote many of Destiny's Child's songs, and has a solo album) and Michelle (who completes the trio by looking hot and waggling her tushy around during the boring bits). And then there were others, LaTavia, LeToya, Farrah Franklin, who came before and left due to some major internationally publicised catfights within the band over money and management.

You wouldn't be entirely wrong to assume Beyonce wrote her huge hit song "Survivor" about all this infighting. After a radio DJ joked that the band members were voting each other off the island, she penned the hit in response. But it's a song that could easily be about more than that. Dignity in combat, dignity in loss - the opposite of Jerry Springer show culture. The bitchy baroque counterpoint in the vocal harmonies is expressive genius; the melody is one of the most addictive of the last decade's radio.

Glamazons are all about girl power, but not the ordinary girl next door power of the Spice Girls. Nor the basically brainless girl power of rivals Atomic Kittenv who develops strangely humanoid - even emotionally sensitive - qualities because technology has advanced beyond its scientists' expectations.

#1's is a highlights set of a less than prolific, but more than proficient, RnB pop career. Standout tracks "Survivor", "Lose My Breath", "Bootylicious" and "Say My Name" each feature on the accompanying video DVD. If you've forgotten how bizarrely enticing Beyonce and co's eye poppingly artificial bending and wiggling and posing can be, the experience of watching them pout and preen their way through seven songs is certain to remind you.

- Jean Barker


At eight awesome, three godawful, and five middling songs, it's clearly not worth 20 clams. So compile your own DC best-of online.
- Jess Harvell for Pitchforkmedia

"... there is no doubt that Destiny's Child delivers gorgeously produced songs, performed with impressive talent, passion, and - yes - teamwork."
- Kathi Kamen Goldmark for ( A USA parenting-oriented website)

Glamazons show how they conquered the world's pop charts, with "Survivor", "Bootylicious", and 13 other hot tracks, plus a bonus seven song DVD.

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YOLANDE 2006/01/11 2:56 PM
Beyonce Terrible UB40 HomeGrown
Siobhan 2006/01/11 3:12 PM
mrs What trash! Live - Best of
Ashwell Hufkie 2006/01/11 11:10 PM
Destiny The best CD. Glamazons
Nathan 2006/01/12 8:58 AM
Destiny go AWAY Apart from Survivor DC has never recorded any memorable tracks. They nothing but a strip show Ashlee Simpson - I Am Me
rene 2006/01/17 11:04 AM
DC is the best female group id recommend it to all "independent woman" Destiny's Child
baby girl 2006/02/03 10:38 PM
Give DC a break! They tried their best over the years to give us pleasure and its not fair that people diss them so much. I must say that their song, called "Stand Up For Love", is a song that I LOVE and I will do anything to get it to play on the radio!
yvonne 2006/07/11 11:29 AM
Destiny fulfilled excellent stuff emancipation of mimi
Kgethi 2007/09/17 1:54 PM
Destiny the finest DC are the finest girl group of all time.Their timeless hits will continue to rock 'til da end of time.
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