Dido - Girl Who Got Away

2013-04-02 13:57
What the critics thought:

"Admittedly, the album contains the odd soporific song like No Freedom, but these turns are outweighed by tracks with a strong tune or an unexpected hint of sadness."
- BBC Music

"[Dido] carries it with her creamy alto and her sweetly ethereal allure."
- Entertainment Weekly

"While her new dance direction leads to a fairly tame trip-hop/chill-out zone, it's a great improvement on her usual blandness."
- The Guardian

"There are some new moves here, but they tend to feel half-baked, under-exploited or, in the case of Kendrick Lamar's appearance on Let Us Move On, just a bit hackneyed."
- PopMatters

"As an album, it doesn't break any new ground - it doesn’t try to. What it does do though is sweep itself up in a groundswell of beautiful, heart-tugging nostalgia so strong it's as if 2003 lies just beyond the window again, shimmering in the haze of the morning dew."
- musicOMH.com

Listen to snippets of the tracks here:

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