Die Melktertkomissie - Volroom - Die Melktertkomissie - Volroom

2006-03-29 18:55

Every now and again an album comes along that's just so pleasant that you find yourself listening to it a lot. Die Melktertkommissie's Volroom, is one of those.

Lead singer Lucinda Strydom, who's also responsible for most of the songwriting, stars with warm, strong alto vocals. Between the effervescent choruses, she raps bitchy lyrics with Karen Zoid-like casual cynicism. Take "Tiener", the satire of the popular barbie-wanabee teenage chick: 'n walking talking stuk plastiek|en al wat sy kan spel is kitsch on which they reveal their hippyish brand of anti-corporatism. And her delivery of angry love longs like "Sticks and Stones" is grimly satisfying stuff.

The band show more glimpses of a squeeky clean dark side on the sinister anti-drugs "Tweede Lewe" Ja dis die tweede lewe|dit laat jou hande bewe|en laat jou voel, en laat jou voel|Of jy nie meer lewe (written by Jean-Marie Vlok).

But overall, Volroom is wholesome, no-nonsense folksy pop music.

Melktertkommissie aren't shy to acknowledge their debt to the Afrikaans stars they admire - Koos Kombuis, Valiant Swart and others. And showing flawless taste, they enlist the help of Valiant Swart (Guitar, backing vocals), Simon Orange (Electric organ), Mr. Fat from Brasse, and Karen Zoid.

At times, their sound is a little derivative, and the album is pretty short at just over 30 minutes! But take a look at the spread of writing credits on this first album and it's clear they're a talent worth watching.

The sincere, surf-geek group photos and the melktert recipe in on the CD cover complete a promising picture.

The gifted pals from J-Bay who make up the Melktertkommissie pour out rich doses of sweet vocals and attractive tunes on this debut.

Sharon Brown 2004/06/01 12:55 PM
Me I've got the volroom cd at the KKNK. It is great. Volroom
Asha coetzer 2004/06/04 10:08 PM
melktert is BA ek dig die melkterte as jy hulle so kan noem. hulle music is orinal en anders. het hulle by 'n pel gehoor en dicide dat ek die cd moet kry. volroom
Charmaine Vorster 2007/04/20 8:27 PM
Melktertkomissie Melktertkomissie is cool! Ek love hul musiek. Dis original en nice. Hou aan rock!
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