Digitalism - Idealism

2007-08-01 09:16
Leading the Klaxon-clamouring electro-rock charge are German cyber-clash stalwarts Digitalism. On their first full length album the original post-Daft Punk "electronica garage band” bang together electronic music you can rock to with neo-disco tech-house you can sing along with.

It’s the kind of mutant indie cocktail that makes you want to spray paint your Converse sneakers silver and burn the disco down. From the fat-bottomed bass and French house flavas of "Idealistic," "Zdarlight," and "Jupiter Room" to the propulsive chemical-infused synth-punch of "Pogo" and the Afro-futurist fumes of "Digitalism in Cairo" (the Cure’s classic "Fire in Cairo" remade for the iPod generation). Idealism packs in more memorable fire-starting riffs and rawkus tunes than all the retro-indie rock posers put together in the past year.

- Miles Keylock

With Bloc Party descending into palatable post-Cold Play orthodoxy and the Futureheads sounding more backward looking by the moment, what’s an indie disco-rock junkie supposed to do? Simple: ditch that guitar and join the Nu-Rave revolution.

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