Dirty Pretty Things - Romance at Short Notice

2008-09-30 09:28
It's also a lot better than it seems at first - in this way clearly different to the smelly dog, which will only smell worse and worse as it gets older and ruin your entire house and crap in your garden. But enough about that dog.

Opening with "Buzzards & Crows" - a carnival of run-on lines done in yummy British Accents, they scamper onto the hilarious "Hippy's Son" ("I'm a hippy's son / I'm into porn and guns") and send mixed messages with the offbeat moment in life of "Plastik Heart". And so on and on. They're adorable, in the spirit of the Beatles of matching haircut days, but a dash of drunken soccer-song "so-what" ups the fun factor.
Though solid international indie appeal is assured by their unpretentious sophistication and music range, Dirty Pretty Things still seem to embody everything that's charmingly parochial about being a good old British pop rocker. It's like they don't take themselves, or you, too damn seriously. They're boyish in a particular way. Let's just say you'd know you shouldn’t leave them at home alone, because they WILL chew your lingerie, but you'd always think it's worth the risk when they scratch at your door late in the night.

They praise home in laddish counterpoint on "We'll Never Be Tired on England", like choirboys practising in a pub during happy hour. Dirty Pretty Things make it seem like their music just kinda "happens". But every now and again you catch them at it… and they know exactly what they're doing. This is slick stuff. It's feel-good music about feeling bad, and you always need some of that around.

- Jean Barker

Former Libertine Carl Barat's and band's second album won't change the world. It's more like a lightly smelly dog that you find yourself unexpectedly wanting to keep.

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