Dirty Skirts - Daddy Don't Disco

2009-01-22 10:41
Daddy Don't Disco
Their third release, Daddy Don’t Disco, could yet leave a strong impression thanks to some nifty singles, but all in all it’s a trove of average material by a great band.

"Play to your strengths," those overpaid life coaches love to say, and by rights The Skirts should be playing to theirs: a black belt in entertaining your pants off. Their fans know them as a funky chameleon that changes from pink to yellow to shirtless with blazing live intensity. But now the silly times seem far gone and suddenly, Daddy won’t disco no more.

Not that Daddy Don’t Disco doesn’t exhibit fantastic examples of what this band can also be. After all, it’s appropriate for a bunch of young Turks in the ascendancy to dwell on life’s more vulnerable moments before they crack the safe of stardom. Which is why hearing them so exposed on "Rolling Like Thunder" and warily lovesick on “Witches Bewitch Us” is pretty damn sweet.

But Daddy Don’t Disco is relentlessly serious by their own standards, as if the Dirty Skirts sound has been stirred with vinegar. Mostly, the new experiments in pseudo-melancholy like "Wake" and "Take a Rocket Home" are frustrating near misses from a band with a penchant for hitting the nail on the head.

Perhaps The Skirts have the talent to turn this material into live genius but those of us cheering for a breakthrough record will have to hold our breath a bit longer.

This is an important album for The Dirty Skirts. They’ve made enough iPod playlists around the country, perhaps, to hear London calling and realise that there’s no time like the present to step up with a killer album.

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