Divas? I don't think so... - Nu-Divas 2 - Various flops

2006-03-29 18:17

Okay, some cuts on this 19-track collection are worthy chart-toppers. The problem is that others are merely crap cardboard cut out fodder that probably only peaked thanks to those inevitable "sexy" video rotations on MTV.

There's absolutely nothing "nu" or diva-driven about Atomic Kitten's fluffy feline pop purrs ("It's OK"), or TLC's bland booty shaking ("Girl Talk"). And compared to Alicia Keys' soul soaked style ("A Woman's Worth") or Mary J. Blige's "No More Drama", Ashanti's R&B lite is woefully ordinary. There's more dodgy terrain with Christina Aguilera oozing dirt on her duet with Redman ("Dirrty"). But hey, at least she's still evolving as a singer. Unlike Britney who sounds way past her Barbie sell by date on the frigid country flavoured stasis of "I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman". Surprisingly Toni Braxton shows signs she's back with the staccato funk of "Hit the Freeway." And as expected, on the R&B front Missy Elliot proves the sassiest of the bunch with her street smart and funk fuelled represent rap "4 My People". Unfortunately the same can't be said for Whitney Houston who definitely no longer deserves the diva-title on the ego vehicle "Whatchulookinat".

But as disappointing and frustrating as half these tracks are, the other half aren't at all bad. Whether you reckon Avril Lavigne is a mere sk8 girl poser or not, doesn't matter, "Complicated" simply kicks Kelly Osbourne's ample ass when it comes to fresh-faced teen pop party tunes. And as far as buoyant pop divas go, Pink's "Just Like a Pill" is as distinctive and strong-willed as anthems get. And of course there's little to fault the delirious dance pop of Kylie's "In Your Eyes" or the sensitive ache of Dido's "Thank You".

A cursory listen to the efforts on Nu-Divas 2 and you'd be forgiven for being bored by the world's pop, R&B and dance charts at the moment.

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