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Dizzee Rascal - Maths + English

2007-07-20 16:55
And if knowledge of self is still the Holy Grail of hip-hop then Dizzee qualifies as one seriously hardcore emcee. He even boasts as much on the frothy "Bubbles": “…under ground or overground, what's the difference I’m the king!” Not that he has to use a loud-hailer to champion his street roots. His loose-lipped Cockney rhymes are nowhere near a carbon copy of America’s top forty.

He’s not obsessed with beef, bling and booty and after listening to what he has to say, you feel like you have a better picture of Great Britain’s underbelly. He takes us cruising from celeb-rap shout-outs to consciousness critiques, every track infused with a dizzy Brit-rap flavour that proves there’s a whole “World Outside” of American rap.

- Natalie Sineke

Let’s start with that neon pink album cover… uh-huh, it’s guaranteed to raise a few eyebrows among the hip-hop fraternity. ’Course, that’s exactly what British grime-rapper Dizzee Rascal wants. Maths + English is an educational piece of work. If you don’t want anymore of Jay-Z’s ‘encore’ and you think rappers who tell why they’re ‘hot’ should be shot, then you’re Dizzee Rascal’s newest fan.

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