Does It Offend You, Yeah? - You Have No Idea....

2008-07-15 19:42
So I’m not afraid to wear my heart on my sleeve: I'd just come right out and say that I was in love with Does It Offend You, Yeah? if it wasn’t for previous experience telling me that it’s all just the dizzy madness of a crush.

This music sounds like now. Allow me to capitalize that: it sounds like Now. It’s exactly what’s happening on the dance rock/ electro punk scene. However, it’s not necessarily new. Other bands - Justice, The Klaxons - have already made themselves at home in this house. A paternity test of Does It Offend You, Yeah? would reveal a lineage that includes Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk, their genes shot through with some new wave à la Talking Heads, reworked to take us right up to the minute, reeking of immediacy.

And therein lies the only real downside: I suspect this album will date very, very quickly.
But let’s accentuate the positive: You Don’t Know What You’re Getting Yourself Into is derivative in the best possible way. The bleeps and squawks undercut by a heavily decayed bassline as heard in We Are Rockstars and Weird Science will have fists pumping on dancefloors across most of the Westernized world. And there are some tracks – "Dawn of the Dead", "Doomed Now" - that will be finding their way onto my mix-disks for a while yet.

Unlike some of their cohorts in the genre, these four lads from Reading produce a sound that is surprisingly varied, playing like a compilation of the music currently emerging from the murk of those-in-the-know and blipping onto the radar of the mainstream. However, for a band that traffics in the currency of cool, that radar-blip can also be a death knell. They’ll have to breed some real innovation and mutation if they want to ensure their longevity.

Perspective is a bitch. In the years following in the wake of my adolescent self, I can see now that my 18-year-old sweetheart was merely pushing my buttons in just the way that they needed to be pushed right then. Love is easily simulated by having one’s desires fulfilled – but this album pushes my buttons right now. While we’re still in the giddy throes of the crush, let’s enjoy the frantic making-out and forget about the impending day when we grow up and realize how silly it all is.

- Finn Gregory

There was this girl. I was 15, she was 18, eastern European, and damned if this wasn’t the real thing. She was worldly and sophisticated in ways I never knew existed. Knocked the breath clean out of me. The thing is, if you’re a teenager in the midst of having your senses deranged, you’re going to have a lot of trouble telling the difference between true-blue love and a hot-and-heavy crush. You need to go through it all a few times before you figure that part out.

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