Donovan Frankenreiter - Pass it Around

2008-10-05 06:52
There's only so much California easy-listening sunshine stuff I can take. Donavon F's new album makes me want to arm myself with a syringe full of the poison stream, travel back in time to the 1970s, and visit the remaining members of the Eagles to deal out death. I know it's murder, but just imagine all the pain that could have been prevented if those guys hadn't ever taken too much coke and woken up to write "One of These Nights"?

Eagles fans will adore "Too Much Water", by the way. But the cutesy "Sha la la la la la-la" and slidey sounds are over. And there's just way too much husky-voiced, self-discovering American romanticism on Pass it Around. There are too many lyrics that sound good, and mean absolutely nothing. Donavon's singing the same old songs, to the same old tunes, and they're barely even his.

Pass it around? No, actually, I'll just pass.

- Jean Barker

Apart from the opener, "Life, Love & Laughter", which chooks along like a happy train full of flower people, and "Your Heart" has something, Donavon (who sports only very, very tiny 'Frankenreiter' these days) and his new album belong in the musical genre "skilfully average".

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