Dozi - Wat Kom Nou?

2009-03-13 11:48
There is a problem with the first track: it sets expectations way too high. “Onnerwater”, originally penned and performed by David Kramer, is a miracle of a song and one that Dozi knows how to sing. His mellower vocal suits the lyrical shenanigans, making great road trip music for anyone who is willing to be entertained by boeremusiek.

The album takes a bit of a nosedive after that, unfortunately, as 80’s rock and country influences blunder their way into an otherwise completely African offering.

The title track “Wat Kom Nou” is a frown raiser, to say the least. “Wat kom nou? ‘n Koekie en Beskuit, ‘n baby boy met ‘n swart moestas, dit het ek nog nooit gesien”: I rest my case. Add to that the exercise in patriotic masturbation that is “Ossewa” and the artist is in trouble.
As ever with Dozi, inspiration is only a hoof beat away. “Die saal aan die muur” is a slow, sentimental plodder that unearths the bestaansrede for the album: let’s sing the old songs like they were meant to be sung. And as embarrassing as some may find it, that can be very worthwhile.

As a document of musical heritage, Wat Kom Nou will probably wrench a grin or a tap of the foot out of its listeners. As a vehicle for the “newer” Dozi sound, it’s just another CD on the rack.

- Niel Bekker

Wat Kom Nou is a mixture of new and old: a sample of the very first seeds of Afrikaans music, and a home for some of Dozi’s more recent influences.

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