Dreamgirls - Music from the Motion Picture

2007-03-13 14:03
Undoubtedly, Dreamgirls is the soundtrack of the year. It's jam-packed with the ’60s Motown-era ditties, ’70s disco sounds and soul-moving, booty-shaking tunes that aren’t only catchy but will grip you for a good 70 minutes. Soundtracks and albums, that can be enjoyed from the beginning to the end without skipping a single song, are very rare.

Beyonce Knowles stars as Deena Jones, and the movie is loosely based on the story of Diana Ross and the Supremes. The soundtrack follows the chronology of the movie, so you get to hear how the music evolves over the years.

The story meanders through the album from the impressive “Move! Move! - Move right out of my life”, to “Steppin’ To The Bad Side” of the music business, to the mellow and fresh “Love You I do” sung by the amazing Jennifer Hudson who plays Effie Melody White.

“It’s All Over” highlights the crumbling friendship and is an upbeat ensemble track that’s sort of a prelude to an intense “And I Am Telling you” a song that catapults Jennifer Hudson to diva status.

She shines as an actress and vocalist as she tries to hold on to the man she loves, telling him that “I’m not going nowhere I’m not l-i-v-i-n without you… you gonna love meeee”. The girl SINGS her heart and lungs out, taking you on a high with her powerful six octave voice - power and emotion that induces goose bumps and shakes your soul.

Hudson, a former American Idols contestant, was axed by the infamous Idols judge, Simon Cowell, who stated that she was “out of her league” and that “you only get one shot at making the big time”.

But after seeing Hudson perform live on the Oprah Winfrey show he was forced to eat humble pie and said “I’d like to be the first to admit a massive dose of humble pie. That was extraordinary Jennifer and I feel very proud of you. I feel we had a very small part in what’s happened in your life – please thank me when you get your Oscar”.

She proved why she was a winner by bagging that gold Oscar. And had this to say to Cowell: “…you know what Simon, I got shot number two”. She’s not only a singing star but a damn fine actress too.

Ms Knowles manages to hold her own, too, and is quite impressive in her redemption song, “Listen”.

Eddie Murphy adds some groovy soul and pizzazz as James Thunder Early and gives us a flawless soulful performance in “I Meant You No Harm”. Jamie Foxx spices up the mix with an R&B tune “When I First Saw You” that’s also featured as a duet with Beyonce. The funky 70s disco tune, “One Night Only” is disco music at its best with profoundly apt lyrics such as “You want all my love and devotion… we have one night only, let’s not pretend to care…”

The only dips are that “Heavy” and “I Miss You Old Friend” from the movie aren’t included in this album. Other than that the Dreamgirls soundtrack is a treat for lovers of musicals and a great souvenir for those who enjoyed the movie. It will also be a delight for those who loved the sounds of the Jackson 5 and of the Golden Motown-era. It’s SUPREME entertainment!

-Gugu Mkhabela
If you haven’t seen the movie, this soundtrack is bound to urge you to see the faces behind the extraordinary voices - especially of the “girl who sings Beyonce off the stage”.

Joey 2007/03/07 9:09 AM
Type your title hereDreamgirls - Music from the Motion Picture Yes i believe that Jen came out tops. She had me in tears and believe me i am not a sucker for sob stories
Grant 2007/03/07 9:20 AM
Amazing Jennifer Hudson I was fortunate enough to see this extremely talented vocalist on American Idols a couple of years ago. I remember how gutted Elton John was when she was voted off the show "due to rasicm". From the moment she opened her cords I knew she was going places. Girl sure can SANG! This is a good soundtrack that takes you back to a time when it was about the music and just having one good time. Some amazing songs for most part only being spoilt by Beyonce's oversinging . At some points I find that Beyonce is forcing her voice on us by trying to outshine Miss Hudson. But instead of singing you find her ending up shouting. Highlights includes "And I'm Telling You" and "Love You I Do"
Max 2007/03/07 10:33 AM
Mr What a load of crap. Neither Beyonce nor jennifer can sing and scream and warble throughout, desperately trying to outdo each other! If Dream Girls is meant to reproduce the golden music of the Motown era with groups like the Supremes, Gladdys Knight, Martha and the Vandellas then it falls way short. Gee Dianna Ross and the others could SING and the songs had a tune and SOUL. No sorry but Dream Girls is a 2007 sorry excuse for what should have been a fun and funky movie.
Sinhle 2007/03/07 11:24 AM
Go Jen! I think Jen did great in the movie/soundrack! Poor Beyonce could not get her looks to put her ahead!
tata 2007/03/07 12:26 PM
drem 24
Renoldah 2007/03/14 1:57 PM
I love it Jennifer she is the best singer I have ever seen since Aretha (where were you all the time girlfriend), and I just love they way the've dressed up and The way they dance its beautiful. Beyonce I love you but its time to get off the stage and give Jennifer the spot light.
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