ÉF-ÉL - Veiligheid Eerste

2007-07-22 13:07
ÉF-ÉL is a roundabout twisted slang term for ‘condom’. A receptacle for unwanted creativity. Similarly, it seems these guys have been storing every overused chord progression of the last decade and suddenly wrote new lyrics to go with them. Not bad lyrics, by the way. Fritz Bucher writes a mean Afrikaans poem. How’s this: “’n kakofonie van jou eufimistiese bestaan/konflikteer jy met jou eie onberheerbare aggressie/vergeet van plagiaat, en al die psigopate/vra, vra, vra… vra vir raad”? Plus the band’s combined vocal effort kind of works, in a way. The problem lies with the instruments and the actual recording. The rhythm section is loose, the guitar sounds out of place and the mix is so dry it takes real effort to listen to the whole disc in one go.

But keep in mind that ÉF-ÉL are young and that this is their debut effort. They need to knuckle down and write some decent music to go with the lyrics, hone their individual skills and fine tune their own styles. And maybe also find a studio and engineer willing to do what it takes to make a product they can look back and be proud of. Do you think they have the potential to do it?

- Loedi van Renen

Teenage angst. Check. Power chords. Check. Ramones t-shirt. Check check check. But is it enough to make good music?

Melissa 2008/06/05 6:01 PM
Personal Opinion I thnk that this is a band that has lots 2 offer in the future. Considering how young they are!! Awsum band!
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